Oklahoma Surgical Associates


Ricardo Aguilar, DO

Specializes in: General Surgery

Ricardo Aguilar, DO, is a board-certified general surgeon with Norman Regional's Oklahoma Surgical Associates clinic. He attended medical school at the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he earned the "Most Outstanding Surgery Student" award. Dr. Aguilar is passionate about performing surgeries and feels that based on his previous experience and personality, a career in general surgery chose him. He finds it gratifying to be able to perform a wide variety of procedures and give his patients immediate results.  

 "My patients can expect a unique bond of trust with me since they are entrusting me with their care to potentially provide something life-altering. They can expect honest, thorough and compassionate care," said Dr. Aguilar.

Before beginning his career in surgery, Dr. Aguilar spent 12 years as a Tulsa Police Officer. He is also fluent in Spanish. In his free time, he enjoys the company of his family, playing golf and exercising.